A song Dreamyard is released on Youtube. Please listen to my song!

Lostmortal – Dreamyard [MV]


Time continues to flow forever
It never waits day by day

Get back these days
What do you see?
Good old memories

We cannot escape
It’s so true bat we can…


今 未来 希望 光へ


This is a remake of a song recorded on Journey To The Stars’s first album “Hardcore Apokatastasis”.

At that time, one of the themes was to create a band sound by programming. However, I feel that perfection is not very high when I listen to them now. In other words, I could not express enough what I wanted to express because of technical issues.

So I wanted to remake the songs I created in the past.

This song is one of the songs remade in such a way.

This song has a simple development, but at the same time has heavy. By that, we are saying that we will move forward slowly, too.

I did all the recording and programming to remake this song.

Since Dubstep was popular at the time, this original song had some influence, but in this remake, such influence was abolished. I value band sound better than before.

Also by retrying the mixing, I was able to grow my technical skills.

I’m confident. Please listen by all means.