I released the album "Journey To The Stars" containing 12 songs. Please listen and download it.

You can listening and download from below contents.

Lostmortal – Journey To The Stars (Full Album)

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Track list
1. Display None
2. Fatal Moment
3. Unfinished
4. Still Behind The Wall
5. Angry Blue
6. Jackknife
7. Dreams A Dimension
8. Anemone
9. Echoes
10. Vanity
11. Dreamyard
12. Another Future


This album is the best album I have remade of the songs I have ever produced as Journey To The Stars. Therefore, the album title is Journey To The Stars.

In the past, there were parts that technical and knowledge could not be completely expressed in terms of sound quality etc, so I wanted to reinvent them someday. So, in order to resume this activity, I chose to realize this.

In this album, we have re-recorded all songs and reviewed their arrangements. Although I carefully selected the number of songs, it still included 12 songs. Only the first song of the album was newly produced.

There are many fast songs in the first half of the album, and many slow songs in the second half. “Another Future” has come to an end by my conviction.

The lyrics can be checked in Bandcamp.

Thanks for listening

I think this album is a compilation of my activities so far.

The challenge for the future is to promote the album and let a lot of people listen to it.

I’m confident. Please listen by all means.