A new song Blur is released. Please listen to my song!

Lostmortal – Blur [MV]


la la la la la…


I wrote a completely new song that changed the approach from the songs of “Journey to the stars”.

About three years ago when I was producing “2015 EP”, I wanted this musicality from the time. It is an atmospheric post metal style (like Rinoa, lyrical, passionate), and after a period of inactivity I was able to create a music close to it.

Describes the theme of the song. As I digest my work and everyday tasks, I am lost in my daily work and lose sight of the essence of my life, and time passes without notice. I draw such a feeling.

I felt that I had come to myself after the time when I was inactive, and I thought that there were more than a certain number of people around me. This is a sense that you have noticed that you have lost your job due to various circumstances and that time has come to re-evaluate yourself. Even in seemingly negative situations, you have good awareness.

I also researched mixing. I’m working hard to express the atmosphere of the songs I compose more highly.

I’m confident. Please listen by all means.