I purchased bx_touwhouse, an SSL type buss compressor plug-in made by Brainworx, from Plugin Alliance. Here is my review.

The other day, the price was significantly reduced from $ 299 to $ 29 in the 24-hour limited sale, and I was able to buy at a low price in a timely manner.

I used this right away for my songs, so I write here an impression and review.

What is bx_townhouse

Here is a quote from the official website.

Built in 1978 by the legendary Townhouse studio engineers, this unique compressor was created using console components supplied by Solid State Logic (SSL). The only hardware unit ever made was now perfectly recreated by Brainworx.

The bx_townhouse Buss Compressor is the ultimate companion for your mix buss, offering just a touch more vibe and mojo than a standard British console buss compressor.

The original unit was built in a time when there simply wasn’t an external console buss compressor available for sale, and was used heavily during the 80s and beyond by some of the biggest names in rock, including Queen, Sting, Muse, and many more.

Therefore, bx_townhouse is a plug-in that Brainworx has plugged in the bus compressor part of the SSL 4000 B console made in 1978, which is located in a townhouse studio.

Nowadays, such valuable vintage equipment is relatively easily available by being plug-in. I think this is a great thing.

SSL buss compressor is called Glue Compressor, and it bonds several tracks, which can give a sense of unity to the song.

This is a new brainworx product, so it is expected to be particularly high quality.


The advantage of plug-ins is that they can incorporate new functionality to emulate old equipment.

Here, a sidechain function, a dry / wet function, and an analog noise simulator are added. In addition, a parameter called Headroom has been added to control the degree of material addition by the equipment.

I am very happy that I can use the high pass filter sidechain. Because Waves’s product did not have this feature, the available situations were limited.

Lower the Headroom significantly and use a parallel compressor. I think that such usage is also attractive.

Sound quality

From the conclusion, the sound quality of bx_townhouse is very good.

This is just what is called Glue Comp, and when used it can produce a sense of unity. It can be very beautiful. The feel is very different from Waves SSL G-Master buss compressor. bx_townhouse is more modern, vintage and sexy.

It also made it possible to produce a three-dimensional or deep sound without loss of transients, while fulfilling its function as a glue compressor.

I was very pleased with this quality.


Here is my review of bx_townhouse.

I have never met my favorite buss compressor. However, bx_townhouse soon became my favorite buss compressor.

The ability to buy this good products cheaply has improved my motivation for music production.

Thank you for the great work of brainworx and Plugin Alliance.