I used to use FL Studio as my main DAW. Currently I mainly use other DAWs to optimize my application, but FL Studio is still a great software. Here, I will explain how you can benefit from choosing FL Studio.

Lifetime free update

FL Studio has “Lifetime free update”, meaning that updates are free forever. We purchase it once and get all later updates for free.

In other DAWs, in general, when a new version of it is released, we need to buy a new version anew. However, FL Studio does not have that. We can all get updates for free.

I think this is great in terms of cost performance. In addition, the body price is not expensive.

Many included plug-ins

FL Studio is acclaimed by producers of dance music and club music. I think one of the reasons is that the synthesizer, sampler, effect plug-in, etc. are fully included in the initial state.

That is, in FL Studio, when we purchase and install this, we can start composing right away.

In particular, the quality of the included synthesizer is high, so we do not have to buy expensive third party products. We can compose good music with these.

I like Harmor, Harmless, and Sytrus. Also, they can be loaded into other DAW as Vsti.

Operate intuitively

FL Studio has a user interface that makes it easy for us to operate intuitively.

This is different from other DAW features, but is a composer-friendly design.

Once we have launched the software, we will generally not have to define a song file. A step sequencer is displayed on the screen, and you can start programming immediately. This will reach the composer’s ideas and feelings directly.

I think people who make music value their senses and sensitivities. FL Studio also cherishes that feeling.

I think FL Studio is particularly stylish and creative software among DAWs.

Lightweight operation

When we start FL Studio, it becomes possible to operate it immediately.

And we can start composing soon.

Together with the above items, I think this is a significant point.

However, loading is slow for projects using audio stretch. I think that it can not be helped regarding that.

Compatible with Mac

FL Studio has been a Windows-only software for a long time. However, it corresponds to Mac from Version 20.

I think that there are many users of Mac in club music players and band players who perform synchronized music.

I can not imagine that none of these users wanted to use FL Studio.

But now that demand is fulfilled.


These are the points I think are the benefits of using FL Studio.

The reason I like FL Studio is also due to these reasons.

I think FL Studio is a software that is designed with creators and artists in mind.

It is not always recommended for engineers, but for those who want to compose, FL Studio will be a great software.