The Kush Audio Omega 458a will sound better when inserted. This is said to me as far as I know, but how is it actually like? I purchased this plug-in and tried it. So write a review.

What is Omega 458a

Here is a quote from the official website.

This rarefied tube emulation has a fat tone that breaks up in delicious ways, growing increasingly crusty but never harsh, turning cymbals from brass to gold, and gluing bass into a molten fiery blob of love. Pairs perfectly with the Omega Mic Pre.

A plug-in that models an Altec 458a vacuum tube preamp. The real machine has an interesting look.

I think this application as a plug-in will be saturator and texture addition. Also I think this is an analog emulator.

How to use

Saturation is applied by turning the “Insenity” knob in the center of the capture to the right. The value is strongly saturated after 12 o’clock.

Basically that’s it. But it has features of phase inversion and oversampling.

By pressing the button “-20db”, the texture of this plug-in will be stronger. I thought this was a strange button.

About sound

I confirmed that inserting the Omega 458a would be rich and good.

Come out before, get better, be crispy, glaring… These expressions fit well with it.

Simply speaking, the sound quality will be felt better. It is particularly rich with oversampling. It also has a high resolution that makes it feel like it’s a new plug-in.

As the directionality, while the sound is getting richer, it doesn’t feel thick, but the middle and above becomes comfortable. A strong application spreads the sound field.

Also, it is beautiful when used with natural strength, but can be used like an enhancer when applied strongly. I think this method of use is best for lifting buried sounds.

Low price

The price for this plug-in is $ 29. Also, it may cost around $ 19 depending on the sale.

Given the quality, I think it’s great at a very low price.


I do not particularly like analog textures. However, this plug-in provided a sound that I liked.

This may not be a necessary plug-in to make music. However, I got a great experience by using this. I believe you can do the same experience.

I recommend purchasing this plug-in when the sale is taking place.

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