I have used some DAWs, but finally I use Studio One as the main. Here, I review the 5 advantages of Studio One.

Sound quality

When Studio One 3 was released, I remember that I saw many reviews that Studio One sounded good.

What I define as good sound depends on the person, so I will not mention it. What I think is that mixing in Studio One results in good separation of sounds and tracks, and it is easy to create a modern, healthy sound. I felt like I was getting better mixing with Studio One.

With Studio One 4 released, that trend became milder than 3. However, I think it has evolved in a more natural and clear polarity.

Usability of GUI

Being an easy-to-use GUI is one of Studio One’s strengths.

The operation you want to do is often completed by drag and drop or one click.

It is not always sensory, but it is great to be able to achieve your goals without the hassle.

Also, it is possible to customize the shortcut key. This allows us to perform simpler operations.

Recording friendly

When recording, you will notice that the user interface is easy to understand and the operation is ready.

Especially in my music activities, I have many opportunities to record guitars and basses, which is a big advantage for me. There may be many who can feel superiority as well as me.

Also, I find that Studio One is easy to edit waveforms. I think this is a feature that can generally be said to be a DAW that is good at audio. It also contains Melodyne.

Good plug-in effects

The plug-in effects included with Studio One are often good. If you are a beginner, it may be sufficient to use these at first. Even if they are not, they have the possibility of being useful.

They also include tuner plug-ins for guitars and basses. In this respect too, we can understand that Studio One is designed with recording in mind.

Conversely, plug-ins for synthesizers are not rich. This is a disadvantage.

For mastering

Studio One allows you to create a project file for mastering.

By loading individual project files (meaning song data) there, you can apply mastering effects, tune order, and adjust tunes. And they can be exported to a format for press.

This feature is not included in other DAWs. This is useful when you create an album. Without this I feel that it is no longer tough.


These are my reviews. The points I have listed so far are I’m satisfied too.

In addition to that, I think that it is compatible with producing rock and metal music, considering the tendency of the sound that this DAW has.

I love Studio One as a first DAW.


PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional
created by Rinker