iZotope Ozone is popular as software that enables automatic mastering with artificial intelligence. I would recommend the Advanced version, which has more appealing than automatic features if you buy it. In this entry, I will show you why I think so.

About iZotope Ozone

iZotope Ozone is a mastering software with a Master Assistant function that allows automatic mastering by artificial intelligence.

In recent, many people, whether professionals or amateurs, are using this software. When I was recording in other band, our engineer also used it.

I think this means that it’s not just an automated tool, but high quality mastering software.

iZotope Ozone 8 has three grades. Bargain Editions “Elements”, Basic Edition “Standard”, Full Edition “Advanced”. I recommend purchasing the “Advanced”.

The reason is that the features only in “Advanced” are very good. Its attractiveness: the differences between “Advanced”, “Elements” and “Standard” are explained below.

Plugins can be used individually

Ozone’s internal processing consists of several built-in plug-ins.

As a feature of “Advanced” only, these plug-ins can be individually loaded into the DAW and used as plug-in effects.

These plugins are very high quality.

The included plug-ins are almost identical to what you need for mixing, such as EQs, compressors, exciters, maximizers, stereo imagers, and they can be used for mixing as well as mastering. Each plug-in is mastering grade, natural, delicate and multifunctional.

More good plugins

iZotope Ozone not only can use plug-ins individually, but some plug-ins are included with “Advanced” only. These are also high quality.

They are plugins like vintage series and called Spectral Shaper. I will introduce it in order.

Vintage series (this is what I call myself)

Vintage EQ
Vintage Compressor
Vintage Limiter
Vintage Tape

These four types are included.

As you can imagine from the name, these are analog emulation plug-ins. As it is “Ozone quality”, it is very elegant and high quality. I especially like Vintage Tape.

In this series, you can make sounds in a drastic way. rather, I think it will be used that way, so it can be used for mixing. I think this is a message from iZotope that “You can load plug-ins individually and use them for mixing too”.

Spectral Shaper

This is roughly a de-esser plug-in and one of the strengths of Ozone, a mastering software.

This can be precisely adjusted to the part that raises unnaturally or feels dirty by raising the loudness.

This is a bit harder for a mastering layman, but it’s a feature we want to use positively.

However, I am not too master…OMG

Tonal Balance Control

This is a feature that only comes with “Advanced” and is very good.

By using Tonal Balance Control, it can be understood that the band balance of the whole song is taken in hand.

In the above capture, the “river” part is the reference song, and the “line” part is your song. It is very simply.

By making adjustments while watching this, you can easily perform equalization well-balanced and close to the reference song.

In addition, Neutron can also be linked by purchasing the Advanced version, so that track-by-track adjustments can be made from this screen.


What do you think. I recommend Ozone 8 Advanced.

In addition to automatic mastering by artificial intelligence, it has all these functions, and the price is not so high.

Also, there are many opportunities to get this at a sale, and in that sense the cost performance would be very good.

Therefore, you would like to buy iZotope Ozone 8, but if you are not sure which version to use, I recommend to buy “Advanced” and say it louder.

I think it was good to buy it personally.

Buy iZotope Ozone Advanced

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created by Rinker