Have you ever thought that there is a tendency or value that music, especially band activity is considered as pursuing dream of debut? In this article, I write about the cause of it and the pros and cons of that value with my observations and impressions.

Stereotype against rock bands

I really wonder about a kind of stereotype against rock bands.

Somehow the belief that all rock bands pursue their dream of debut seems to become widespread in the society.

In my previous workplace, I talked about my band activity, then they regarded me as a person who is like above. I rebutted but they did not even try understanding…They seemed self-contained based on their bias without facing reality.

In music activity especially rock band, there seems to be such strong bias.

It is true that some bands pursue their dream, but they are only a few people I think.

As is often said about people who like cars, they do not always want to become racer. Neither do people who like music.

Why cannot many people understand music freak realistic, contrary to car freak?

Not successful band could be disrespected

Honestly, getting a job in a company is much more easier than forming a band.

If you form a band and keep going on in any way, you accomplish more challenging work than that of plain employee.

However, your band is not successful commercially, plain employees disrespect you.

I think living as an employee is just a safe and common way anyone who runs on rail can do.

Absolutely unfair.

Shallow understanding of music

What music do common people listen to?

Probably most of it is commercial J-POP for mass audience by what you call music industry I guess.

Regardless of pop idol or band, I mean, they listen to ‘already commercially successful music’ in mass media. That is all what they know.

So, many of them seem to recognize music as commercial music, and have no idea of otherwise.

That is why they seem to regard the goal of music is commercial one without thinking deeply.

Enjoying music = fan

Even if common people only know commercial music, some of them might know just a word ‘rock fest’.

And for them, rock fest is an event for music fan (that itself is not wrong).

So in their awareness, deep music fans may be thought to go to rock fest (not only rock fest, but also concert of specific musician or some groupies).

The idea of enjoying music as a player does not seem to become widespread in the society.

Out of touch with culture

As stated above, current society seems to have a deep sense of worth on just plain employee.

Coming to work with suit everyday, marrying and raising children in private. That is nothing wrong, but do many people think only such things (except saving or investment)?

In Japan, though there is partially deep subculture, basically people who don’t think anything like above (at the risk of being misunderstood) seem to be overwhelming dominant.

So as a whole, they seem to be out of touch with not only music but also culture. It makes the cause of stereotype against rock band.

Music is a culture. At the same time, music without culture is not attractive (my complete subjective view).

What’s wrong with enjoying music as a player?

I think music is a kind of art or expression activity.

As for such a thing, the idea that commercial success = goal seems to be really superficial.

Instead, there is many of potential of creativity only because of hobby (monetization of it could be more preferable).

Therefore, I think being influenced by stereotypes in music activity is equal to overlook essence.

It is no special but, all people who enjoy playing music do not consider to earn their livelihood.

What’s wrong with each enjoying? What’s wrong with doing other job and pursuing music that makes no money? That is nothing problem, I insist strongly.

And if you become successful, whatever your tiny failure will be closed-up…

Honestly speaking, I think many of common people is superficial. Moreover they seem to speak as if they know everything.Being minority also means large handicap, but I would like to try self-realization without being influenced such superficial value.

Fortunately, enjoying composing seems to be relatively understood by generalization of DTM (or maybe vocaloid producer). I think it is good for composing to get citizenship gradually.

The problem is band activity…

Regarding to this article, please enjoy just a reading material.