How do you do in forming a band? Have you applied to member recruiting in club and internet, or searched for friend connections? In this article I wrote about forming a band from scratch. From my own experiences, I summarized general flow, good things and bad things.

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How to form a band from scratch

If you form a band from scratch, something what to do and general flow are like below;

Since these things are hard jobs, it is required passion and energy to some extent.

Put together members

At least if you want to perform live shows, you have to put together qualified members regardless of full or help.

You will post fliers in musical instrument store and live music club, or use particular website and SNS, or search for connection.

Full or help

In the world of band, there is something like member rank such as full member and help (support) member.

Specific borderline depends on each band, but roughly it seems the level of commitment.

Make demonstration

It is better to be able to make demonstration as a blueprint of band.

You have to make one demonstrating characteristic of piece or genre atmosphere, and cool point rather than audio quality. Computer music will strongly help you.

Specifically in niche genre, it seems smooth to make demo firstly, and then put together members.


After making demo and putting together members, some tasks will happen such as to arrange studio, some schedules, and appearance negotiation, if performance becomes stable.

If you come to here, your band works well, so keep going well.

Good things

You can do what you like

Basically you have discretion about band, you can mainly determine music direction or event appearance.

I mean, one of good things is to be able to do what you like relatively easily, or to be able to make such environment in limitation of band.

From my own experience, it was much difficult to play melodic new school hardcore with ambient synthesizer or sampling aggressively unless I form a band from scratch.

You are the face of band

Even if you are not vocalist, you can be the face of band both in name and reality.

Since you will do MC in live shows and arrange some events, you can be very influential as the image of band = you.

Some sociable people can work well, and even if you are not so much sociable, you can broaden friend relations through band connection.

Bad things

Difficulty in gathering members

New band forming is difficult and long way until gathering required members, especially drums.

Many band block up this step, and disappear…

Schedule arrangement

Most often, you will play the band with doing other tasks such as work or school.

Though 5 total strangers try to gather, it is difficult to arrange private schedules in many cases.

Especially live shows are more difficult because of convenience for event host, but be careful to keep saying ‘No’, then you lose opportunity…

Communication arrangement

Regarding to this point, 5 total strangers have something to do respectively.

Disagree with one another is common cases. Arrangement such thing is a hard work.

I have seen many breakups because of beyond control…

Quality Assurance

Putting together 5 total strangers and assuring a certain level of quality is also difficult and requires proper team management.

And if you fail, surrounding people disrespect you. there are some quite well unknown amateur band, but it is on an equal footing…


Honestly, I think there is more difficult things than good things in forming band.

And in the band activity, it seems that human relationship is more important than music itself. You are on good terms with who in what band…etc. At the same time musical quality assurance is indispensable. This is too much difficult world.

After all, it seems that people who get uplifting survive despite of the hard circumstances, especially outstanding in them have their own bands.

Regarding to this feeling, as I wrote the article about solo band, may be stay constant essentially.

Merit and demerit about solo band (JP) ▶1人バンドをやるメリットとデメリットについて

However required character is far different from solo band. Forming full band is suitable for people who sociable, active, and like to broaden relations.

I am opposite to such characteristic, so I don’ t so much recommend to form a band! lol