Hi, I'm Lostmortal, homebody computer musician. I'm basically indoor on holidays using composing musics or blog writing as excuses. But I unusually happened to go out almost a day, and I could find different perspective from normal life. I summarized some good points from this experience.

Got energetic

Perhaps thanks to sunshine, I felt got energetic.

Moderate ultraviolet seems that enables to turn cholesterol into vitamin D, arrange body clock, produce serotonin, which is known as well-being matter, and lower blood pressure.

Especially as for serotonin, it seems to work as a key to escape from negative cycle you know such as Computer musician → Loneliness → Melancholy.

Because I went out under warm sunshine, I felt blood circulation become much better.

Walking has also the same efficacy, so basically going out sunny day can hit combo of easy health tips.

Felt relaxed

My legs are not so much good and I am short on physical strength due to my chronic disease. So sometimes it is sometimes hard for me to enjoy outdoor leisure or go out for a long time.

That was exactly one of the reasons I became homebody, but that concern and strain were dissolved by pacing myself.

In that condition, I could receive benefit of sunshine as stated above, so I could feel eventually relaxed. Moderate fatigue was comfortable.

…Instead, a person in good health without that physical concern is enviable.

Got many of new findings

There was good restaurant in an unlikely place, and some temple and shrines, interesting space, a place with plenty of nature, etc…

These unlikely findings brought me good stimulation in aspect of creativity.

Actually many of musicians also get inspirations from nature, so it might be important thing.

My wish that escape from depressed savage and stressful urban life became much stronger…

Be careful about too much ultraviolet

Moderate ultraviolet brings many of good things like above, but too much of it is not so good.

Homebody should be careful about skin inflammation, especially a person with type of sunburn. Additionally be careful about stain.

Ultraviolet also brings cataract risk to eyes. Though we are usually soaked with blue light in home, ultraviolet is much stronger.

Have you ever experienced bad conditions with your eyes after staying outside without sunglasses for too long ? That is the symptom brought by ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet especially becomes stronger from around May, so if you are outside all day, don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses.


Occasional going out is good.

Not only feeling the sun, but also doing different from everyday seems to be good stimulation for our brain. Sampling nature sound also seems interesting.

Feeling nature and having a relaxed time made me feel live as a living being. I hardly feel like that.

(Conversely, I really felt that usual worker life is far from relaxed lifestyle.)

On a side note, perhaps due to my homebody character, I didn’t take any picture in spite of nice opportunity…I’m pleased if my article could describe how I enjoyed.

Now I would like to take more time to output, but it might be more creative to go out and walk around rather than face in front of DAW.

Making much of inspiration from this experience, I am going to work hard.