I talk about method for death growl. For people who want to be vocal in metal or some loud music band, death growl or scream may be a kind of wall. But its first practice is actually simple.

Simply listening

There are many kinds, vocal and singing ways about death growl, but let’s put aside small things.

If you want to do death growl, you would have your own image that how voice you want to make.

Simply let’s listen to the songs of vocalist who is close to your image or target voice. Listen to hundreds of times.

First, it is important to visualize completed version strongly.

If possible, let’s imprint how to vocalize and image on vocalizing by carefully watching how to open mouth, expression, and staging from live movies.

Simply visualizing

Then let’s make your own image that vocalizing the similar voice.

Though you don’t have to vocalize actually yet, simply visualize simulating your death growl vocalizing.

Not air guitar but air death growl is OK, and it’s better to clarify an image you actually vocalize.

After you complete these steps, where you should go becomes clearly, so it can be said these things are more important than actual practice.

Simply trying

If your image becomes clearly, now let’s try!

In this step try to realize your image, but firstly it is OK by watching example.

Moving to safe spaces such as karaoke room or studio, let’s vocalize death growl with full spirit as you imaged.

One point is vocalizing from abdomen and not just vocalize loudly but hook your breath a little bit on throat.

If you succeed by these steps, it’s OK, but mostly it doesn’t go well I think. Look at the following each case.

If you succeeded

Congrats! You finished the step from zero to one. Then let’s improve quality by trying quantity.

Next target is to vocalize similarly without so much spirit.

This enables you to control your voice, so you become to be able to express strength or length. It is also good to try another singing way in this timing.

As for researching singing way, I think it make sense in this step for the first time.

If you didn’t succeed, but you could get feel

After trying, not succeeded but if you could get feel it, orientation of both image and vocalization should mostly meet well.

Let’s repeat the loop that listening → visualizing → trying.

If become suitable in continuing it’s OK, and sometimes different approach become suitable.

For example, you wanted to vocalize bass tone deep voice, but you may be good at high tone scream…etc. Then it is also good to try to scream.

If you cannot get feel, Look at the following.

If you failed

After trying if you could not get it and feeling like that basically different, it may be highly possible that you face the wall of breathe ‘in’ and ‘out’…

For example, brutal voice in breakdown of death-core such as ‘WYYYYYY’ is called pig squeal and usually vocalized with breathing in.

If you try this with breathing out, you can’t do similar vocal, sorry. lol

As you can see above breathing in matter, if you can’t get it too much, it may be better to learn technique and knowledge. Let’s research about them separately.

Also, there is a few of compatibility due to individual variation, so it seems good to change your image source looks like you can get it.

If you hurt your throat

If you hurt your throat, let’s give up and quit for this day.

If you continue forcefully, tonsil become swelling and you will have a fever. (I also repeat it too many times!)

From my experience, you don’t have to be careful with the same level as clean vocal, but throat is consumable instrument, so take a rest after consuming.

For your information, it is better not to vocalize over 2 hours if not hurt your throat.


In this article, there is hardly technical explanation.

But, actually how do you think? when you hear explanation that ‘Open your vocal cord blar blar blar’, can you get it?

At least I couldn’t get it. (I don’t mean about making light of technique.)

However, there is not so much teachers who teach actual vocalization due to this genre itself. You can hardly find them in general music school.

Then, except for a part of clever people, my own sense becomes a sole resort.

Actually I, a very clumsy person, succeeded to some extent by this ‘Visualizing spirit singing way’, and now I’m in charge of vocal in a band on this time.

Vocal in this movie is me.

When you think using many voices well, some trainings with technical side becomes necessary, but I think anyone can reach this level on a basis of visualization.