A new song is released. This song is A Song For Morrow. Please listen to my song!

Lostmortal – A Song For Morrow [MV]


(A rich prayer is shining)
(There is no way to go now, it is eroded)
(In vain and inexorably, time passes)
(I will continue to sing for morrow)


About Artwork

I asked Sumireko Tsukui (@s_rainofglass) to draw a graphic of this song.

This beautiful picture is an image of Lostmortal and this song as she is.

Even for me who made music, I feel that this is a great content.

Because I feel that this captures the characteristics of Lostmortal well.

I give her the utmost respect and gratitude.

Click here for Sumireko Tsukui’s information.


Instagram :

Twitter : @s_rainofglass

About Song

I released a new song for the first time in eight months since the last released song.

Music production has been delayed because I have been busy so far. However, I am happy to release this song this time.

Currently, Lostmortal is acting as one of the purposes, to embody what you like and do what you want to do, put it into your lifestyle, and use it as the basis for a rich life design.

The song [A Song For Morrow] sings trial and error and hope in the process.

I think this song has become Lostmortal’s characteristic, weight and kindness song.

I used Shino Drums as a drum sound source this time too. Sound making added reverberation based on the preset used in the previous music, further emphasizing reverberation.

I used iZotope Neutron 3 and bx_console N well to mix this song.

I used Ozone 8 for mastering.

iZotope Ozone 8 – The 3 Reasons why you should buy Advanced.


The music I make is niche genre music. However, I hope you will listen to it if you are interested.