Introducing a sample material management tool called Loopcloud. When I used it, it was so surprised that it was a god tool for the sample pack user. I felt it.

What is Loopcloud

A cloud tool released by Loopmasters that can manage sample materials.

This is a great tool that allows you to centrally manage a large number of sample materials sold by Loopmasters on the cloud and smoothly incorporate them into the composition process.

Loopcloud itself is free to use. You can download from the banner below (free)

Loopcloud Music App from

About Loopmasters

In and say what is Loopmasters have released such a Loopcloud, the shop of sample packs.

Loopmastes is a quite large sample pack shop, with a wide variety of products including originals and frequent sales.

There are a lot of stiff sales less than half the price, so I think it is inevitable for sample pack users to take care of them.

What you can do with Loopcloud

What you can do with Loopcloud is as follows.

Centralized management of purchased materials

Sample packs purchased from Loosmasters will appear in the Loopcloud library. The above image is the screen in that state.

The purchases are automatically displayed with the account information. This is a convenient function unique to the cloud.

It’s very easy because you don’t have to drop it locally, and it also saves your local storage.

Simple processing and mixing can be done on the Loopcloud

Samples can not only be played on the fly.

Loopcloud has a sampler-like function that allows you to process and play back material on the spot.

Useful processing such as changing the BPM and pitch when incorporating into a song, and simple editing such as slicing, partial looping, and reverse can also be performed on Loopcloud.

Also, since you can read multiple tracks, you can make a simple mix on the spot. Anyone with a sense can make one song on Loopcloud.

And by linking with the DAW described later, it can be seamlessly integrated with the main process of composition.

Seamless integration with DAW

When you install Loopcloud, it will be installed as a VST Instrument (VSTi) in addition to a standalone.

When you launch Loopcloud’s VSTi on your DAW, the screen above appears.

At first glance you don’t know what’s going on, but if you launch a standalone Loopcloud in this state, it will automatically go into cooperative mode.

The selected sample material is assigned to the above keyboard and can be played in the DAW.

When launched with a DAW, the original functions can be used as sampler software sound sources like Elastik.

Once the arrangement is determined, it can be downloaded and pasted directly into the DAW.

I think this is where the advantage is greater than other sound management tools. Or rather, very convenient to say the least.

Purchasing new materials

On Loopcloud, you can also purchase materials sold by Loopmasters.

And because you can audition in detail in the same way as your own material, it’s obviously more convenient than the official website or competing services.

It integrates seamlessly up to the billing phase, where you can purchase while searching for necessary materials on the spot.

The disadvantages

The downside is that it’s a cloud service, so you can’t demonstrate your power unless you’re connected to the Internet.

However, in the computer music scene, there are other plug-ins etc. that will not work if there is no Internet connection, and I think that the environment itself is basically connected to the Internet in most cases, so It may not be the point to do.

After that, I’m a little worried about the mysterious twice of purchasing points and purchasing samples at those points.

Is it to prevent billing troubles due to being too seamless?


While managing the sample packs centrally in the cloud, they can be used as sampler software in conjunction with a DAW, so it feels like it is no longer the strongest sound source management software.

Depending on the genre, you can make songs only with DAW and Loopcloud.

If you make something like this, purchasing a sample pack will be a Loopmasters choice.

In fact, Loopmasters has been updating frequently since last year.

Those who use the sample pack and those who are interested should use it seriously. But beware too addictive.

Download it here

You can download from the banner below (free)

Loopcloud Music App from