I love Black Rooster Audio's tape simulator plug-in, Magnetite. I will review it because it is wonderful as a plug-in of the system that improves the sound.

About Magnetite

This is a tape simulator plug-in released by Black Rooster Audio .

The tape simulator plug-in is a plug-in that emulates the texture when passed through an analog tape and can be added. In short, it is a plug-in that improves sound when passed.

Emulator …? simulator…? Well either one is fine (laughs)

Black Rooster Audio, which has a reputation for good sound as a maker, is a plug-in that improves sound.

Functions and usage

The Magnetite parameters allow you to adjust the type of tape, its behavior, and the depth of the In / Out. Let’s take a quick look.

The type of tape on the left side of the panel can be selected from three types: blue, black, and red (BLK, BLU, RED).

The red tape is the easiest to understand, the overtones increase and the sound comes out ahead. I think that most people use it mainly in the red.

The interesting thing, however, is the black tape, which has a rather strong analog colour, with the peaks approaching the low mids and falling high, giving a soft, fat, and rich sound.

Blue is in the middle, but it’s a bit hard to use because it feels elusive.

If you go to the right side of the panel, there are parameters called “BIAS” and “TAPE SPEED”.

As for BIAS, the larger the number, the stronger the image, the more the texture is added. Overtone addition, high drop, low mid rich.

TAPE SPEED also feels like the added sense of texture changes. It’s not a dramatic difference, but 7.5 is more tape-like.

So, for example, if you set black tape & BIAS: + 5dB & TAPE SPEED: 7.5 , it will sound quite analogy. But there is no hate and it feels natural.

The setting of the thumbnail is red tape & BIAS: NRM & TAPE SPEED: 15 . This is the best way to get a rich feel without changing the original sound.

The knobs on the left and right of the meter are input / output. Well, explanation is unnecessary.

The “WOW FLUTTER” on the far right is a parameter that reproduces the twisting behavior of the tape, allowing you to enjoy an undulating modulation effect. Please when you want to change your sound.

Sound is very good

Magnetite sounds great.

It’s a plug-in that improves the sound, so it’s a problem if the sound is good, but it’s like Black Rooster Audio, which is really good .

As for the direction of sound quality change, as can be said for tape simulations in general, harmonics are added moderately, enriching the sound and lowering the center of gravity.

I think this is better than a tape sim of a famous manufacturer.

It’s analog, but it’s clear, high fidelity, no strange digital odor, and if you compare it with seasonings, it’s a chemical seasoning, but it’s like a high-end natural material.

Anyway, I think it’s a pretty good plug-in in tape simulation.

Where to use

Due to its characteristics, it can be used for all tracks if you want to use it, but it is not realistic to insert it on all tracks when mixing because the CPU load is a little high.

And if you put it all in it, it will be quite hot.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to use it for tracks such as loud band mono riff guitars.

I also think it’s good to write over when you bounce.

Of course, it is OK to insert it in the bus track or master stage, and whatever it is, I think it is best to insert it where you want.

By the way, for my use, I put it on the guitar and the first stage of the master, as described above.

For the tape simulation at the master stage, there is also the option of Vintage Tape included with Ozone, and that feels good, but I prefer Magnetite.


That’s why I think this is a very excellent product among the Magnetite and tape simulator plug-ins. This is at least the best I have.

I’ve been worried about Slate’s VTM for a long time, but I think it hasn’t been much talked about since Magnetite came out.

And surprisingly, the price is not too high, at $ 89. (It depends on the exchange rate) You can buy it for less than 10,000 yen, so it’s cheap as a high quality plug-in.

If you are considering purchasing a tape simulator system, I think Magnetite is the leading candidate.

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