You may have heard of the name LennarDigital Sylenth1 once. It is a classic software synthesizer, but there is a classic reason, if you are in doubt, you can buy this and it will be OK, so I will introduce the charm while reviewing it.

What is Sylenth1

LennarDigital is a software synthesizer sold by a developer dedicated to Sylenth1.

Although it is a soft synth that has existed for a long time, it is still very active and popular, and it is ranked high every year in the popular soft synth ranking sponsored by SynthSonic .

When I checked the year of acquisition of , it was 2006. It’s really amazing to be at the forefront for more than 10 years in the digital world where technological progress is rapid.

Sylenth1 is still the first choice as a choice if you are still wondering what to buy when you want to buy a soft synth.

So I will introduce the reason.

Good sound

First, the sound is good . This is no longer a mandatory purchase option.

Basically, Sylenth1 sounds like a modern analog emulation system. The EDM system is a particularly impressive impression, but thanks to years of research, there is also a wide range of pockets that can handle almost any genre of sound that can be produced with synths.

It is a clear and straightforward sound, with some omission and thickness. Let’s make a little sound and make one shot! There is exquisite comfort that can be felt.

It’s not as gorgeous as the latest modern soft synths that have appeared in the last few years, but the familiarity of the orchestra is the impression that this is the most delicious point.

Abundant presets

Earlier, I wrote that “sounds of almost any genre that can be produced with synths can be supported”, but there are a huge number of presets that support that.

There aren’t many presets out of the box, but there are only a few synths with a long history, and there are endless third party presets.

There are really many presets, from free to paid ones, so you can get all kinds of sounds even if you can not make sounds yourself .

We can buy lots of presets on Loopmasters and other. I sometimes buy ambient presets.

Abundant materials

Sylenth1 is a software that has a long history and has been loved by many users.

In other words, it means that there is a great deal of material . There are more than just presets.

With a wealth of documentation and a simple GUI that is easy to understand (and cool), I think it’s perfect for those who want to learn how to create synth sounds.

I myself know that synths are a basic preset kitchen, but with Sylenth1, I felt a little touching, and maybe I could learn a little bit of synths.

Lightweight and stable

Sylenth1 has low CPU load and stable operation.

The fact that the software is old means that it has been designed on the assumption that it will run on a lower specification PC in the old age. So it’s really amazing because it’s still at the forefront.

The CPU load is low and crashes are less likely to occur, so you can insert multiple tracks. For this reason, there is no need to worry about the load, such as reducing the number of tracks or writing out each time.

It’s also friendly to people working on low-spec PCs. The price of Sylenth1 itself is normal, but I think that the cost performance can be said to be good considering that area.


So, I introduced Sylenth1, an iron plate synthesizer.

As mentioned in the title, if you want to get a soft synth but are wondering what to buy, I suggest you consider Sylenth1 as a candidate.

Omnisphere is another universal software synth that can be bought for the time being, but this is quite expensive.

It is also a good idea to get them all together at Native Instruments’ Komplete. However, although some Massive2 etc. have appeared, they are undeniably old. (Sylenth1 is also old, but it’s great not to feel old if you think so.)

The price of Sylenth1 which is worrisome is about 16,000 yen in Japanese yen. Although it is realistic, it is not particularly cheap, but in recent years it has finally begun selling, so if the timing is good, you may be able to buy it for about 10,000 yen.

Last but not least, when considered together, I think Sylenth1 is a very good soft synth. I want to continue using it myself.

Product information

You can buy it officially, but it seems a bit cheaper to buy it with PluginFox.