I would like to introduce Black Rooster Audio's VLA-FET. This is a highly versatile 1176 series compressor.


1176 modeling compressors have been released by Black Rooster Audio, which is frequently mentioned on my blog.

That is this VLA-FET.

Officially, they capture the sound and feel of analog gear as faithfully as possible.

1176 Modeling comps, Waves and Softube (Native Instruments) are out of Teppan, but there was a feeling that it was out of date, but as soon as I purchased it at the expected MAX because it was released from BRA is.

What is 1176

The 1176 is a classic compressor that can be said to be the king of the mixing world. Since its release in 1967 by UREI (now Universal Audio), it has been used in many musical works to date. There are many copy products and plug-ins.

Features include high-speed attack / release due to the use of FETs (transistors) in the circuit, and texture with punch and guts.

Also, it feels like a sizzling saturation that sticks when you hang it strongly. This is an image often seen in the vocals of Ringo Shiina.

The 1176 is said to work particularly well with rock music, but it works well for guitar, bass, drums and vocals, and certainly for many sources in band sounds.

Below is the official VLA-FET introduction video.

How to use VLA-FET

Some useful functions unique to the plugin are also added, but basically the UI is the same as 1176.

There is no threshold setting, and the amount of reduction depends on how much you push into the input. And adjust the output volume as much as the original sound according to the input amount.

The ratio is set by pressing the buttons in the middle vertically.

There are four ratio options : 4: 1, 8: 1, 12: 1, and 20: 1 , but there are also tricks such as passing without pressing anything (1: 1) or pushing all at the same time.

Pressing all is unknown ratio, but it takes a lot of force, so use it when you want to get sizzling saturation. It’s like Jiro’s whole w

Attack and release are the opposite of other gear, and the more you turn to the right, the faster. It is common for the 1176 series, but be careful here. It seems that doctor pepper setting is often used at about 10 o’clock attack and 2 o’clock release, but since it has an auto release button that is not in the original, the release seems to be good if you do not aim especially.

Plug-in-specific features include auto-release, sidechaining, highpass sidechaining, and dry / wet adjustments. The high pass sidechain is quite useful, for example, because it prevents the low end of the kick from being taken all the way up when you hang it on a drum track. 

The only disappointing thing was that I didn’t know what to use the LINK button for …

Classy 1176

The impression of the sound of VLA-FET was surprisingly smooth and elegant. There is a high-end feeling.

When I say 1176 comp, personally, the image of a gorgeous system that takes a glance precedes, but VLA-FET is a place rather than a feeling of stiffness while firmly capturing the character that seems to be 1176 It is an impression that is elegantly finished.

Even if you push the ratio all the way in and the input goes to the extreme, it doesn’t collapse and it feels like it, so even amateurs like me can easily get the 1176 feeling.

Or rather everything is very good and it comes out comfortably in front of me. I want to be active on vocals and bass.

The other trick, which just pushes the input and distorts it without letting it go through the comp, is a nice fuzz.

Again, it’s an elegant 1176. It’s just elegant with distortions and punches. Sorry for lacking vocabulary …

Even when used at 4: 1 or 8: 1, it is naturally prepared while keeping the omission, and all the tools are comfortable and easy to use.


So it was surprisingly elegant VLA-FET of 1176 series compressor.

It seems softer for the 1176 series, so if you want to finish it with a breeze, something from another manufacturer may be fine, but I personally liked it because it was very easy to use.

Anyway, pushing the ratio to the vocals is really good. You seemed to understand Ringo Shiina’s feelings …? (I’m likely to get angry at the fans)

It’s quite different from the modern, snappy feel of the VC76 that comes with Komplete, which many people have, and it’s a good idea to keep it with this.

Personally, since I bought it, I want to insert it anyway.

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