As a lostmortal, they released their first album "Liberation" in a year and a half. I hope you check it out.

Lostmortal – Liberation [Album]


Album Trailer


In recent years, I have been releasing songs one by one, but the songs have accumulated and I have finally made it into an album.

Therefore, although this work is basically songs that have been published so far, I have readjusted the mix balance to make them into one work as an album.

The songs included in this song have different tones because they were created at different times and used differently. It was not easy to combine them into one work.

However, I think this work was able to express “dreamy heavy music” that I wanted to express as Lostmortal.

The artwork was again provided by Sumireko Tsukui  (@s_rainofglass). Thank you very much!!

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